18 Oct 2014

Restaurant Review: Montezuma's and Elephant Walk

If you're ever in Australia, or South Australia more specifically, you absolutely must give Montezuma's and Elephant Walk a go. Both restaurants are located on Melbourne Street, North Adelaide. Montezuma's in particular has remained one of my favourite restaurants for many years. I loved it as a vegetarian and I love it even more as a vegan.


Montezuma's restaurant is a Mexican delight that is very close to my heart. My boyfriend and I have delighted in their delicious spicy offerings on many special occasions, particularly our first ever 'real' date! I may be biased, but I simply adore Montezuma's decorative and fun-loving atmosphere. The prices are very reasonable, and hey even offer a 'Montezuma's Gold Card' which is great for regulars like me. After every fifth visit to the restaurant, you receive a free meal. You can't go wrong with freebies!

Although Montezuma's isn't a vegan restaurant, there are still many options available that can be veganised. They cater to people suffering from various allergies and dietary needs, which is excellent for plant-based eaters. You can simply tell them you're vegan - you won't be met with a confused expression like you might at some other restaurants! You shouldn't ever have any problems ordering a veganised meal. They have also recently added vegan cheese and vegan sour cream to their menu. I'm keen to try it on my next visit.

Before ordering your main meal, you can opt to order some corn chips and dip for starters. My boyfriend and I always order the three-dip platter, which consists of a frijole dip, spicy salsa and a cheese dip. My boyfriend, an omni, eats the cheese dip and leaves the rest for me. Make sure to order the frijole dip without cheese, because they'll usually sprinkle some on top otherwise.

The addictive three-dip platter with corn chips

The vegetarian frijole (bean) tacos are a favourite of mine. They're totally vegan when ordered without dairy, and they're delicious. On my last visit to Montezuma's, however, I ordered something a little more filling - a frijole enchilada with rice, salad and extra re-fried beans. It was affordable, tasty and almost too satisfying - I had to re-adjust my belt after finishing! I drizzled the remainder of the salsa dip on top of the enchilada for some extra spice. The enchilada was as good, if not better, than the three-dip platter. I highly recommend this meal! Make sure to let the waiter know that you don't eat animal products when ordering and they'll happily cater to your needs.

Filling, delicious and affordable - what more could you want?

Overall, Montezuma's provides a delectable meal and a thriving, colourful and vibrant atmosphere. 

Elephant Walk

Located just down the road from Montezuma's, Elephant Walk cafe provides an unique, atmospheric and unforgettable dining experience. It was by far my favourite dessert cafe as a vegetarian, and admittedly, I was rather dismayed about 'never being able to eat there again' when I became vegan. To my excitement, though, I recently discovered that they offer vegan meals! I almost jumped out of my chair with happiness when I heard the news, and planned to visit the next week.

Elephant Walk's menu is ever-changing. They usually have one special vegan dessert on the menu, as well as offering hot soy-based drinks. In the past they have offered plant-based cakes and cinnamon donuts, but on my visit, they offered waffles. I'd never had waffles before, but I was certainly keen to try them! Several toppings are offered, including maple syrup, apple pie filling, shaved coconut, berries and coconut cream. They are also served with a generous dollop of coconut milk ice cream. My boyfriend and I chose to embellish our waffles with sweet maple syrup, hot apple pie filling and lashings of shaved coconut. 

These were almost indescribably delicious - the photo doesn't do them justice!

Surrounded by the comforting, romantic and ambient atmosphere, my boyfriend and I relished in the sweet, rich taste of these delicious waffles. It's certainly the sort of dessert that could convince an omni to turn to the 'bright side'! I can't recommend them enough. The coconut ice cream was cool and sweet with a near-perfect consistency. They were pricey, at around $13, but well worth the cost. 

Overall, Montezuma's and Elephant Walk provided an amazing dining experience, and I can't wait to go back. They're both located on Melbourne Street (although Montezuma's has other locations) and are only a few steps away from each other, which is why I love to visit both places in one night. If you live in Adelaide, or plan on visiting sometime, you definitely need to check these places out. I assure you, you will not regret it!