26 Jan 2015

8 Awesome Vegan Restaurants You May Not Know About

Veganism has so many benefits, and in my opinion, the exposure to the array of wonderful vegan restaurants is high in the hierarchy. Before discovering veganism, I knew very little about how awesome eating out could be. The variety of deliciously healthy and cruelty-free options provided at vegan restaurants around the world is nothing short of astounding. If only I had the time and money to visit them all!

Here, I've compiled a list of lesser-known vegan restaurants that deserve much more publicity than they already have. If you live nearby, please check these places out and support them as much as you possibly can.

Cornish Arms, Brunswick

The Cornish Arms is a pub-style restaurant located in the Australian state of Victoria. The Cornish Arms promotes the typical Australian philosophy of enjoying a pint of beer and a greasy parma after work. For vegans, this uniquely Australian experience can be hard to come by. Thankfully, however, the search for the perfect vegan pub meal isn't hopeless - The Cornish Arms has your back.

Although not a fully vegan restaurant, Cornish Arms offers vegan alternatives to almost every menu item, as well as several purely vegan meals. Their meals range from faux chicken and lentils burgers to salads, parmigianas, burritos and chilli dogs. It's a mock-meat and greasy-chip lover's dream!

Mono Cafe Bar, Glasgow

The Mono Cafe Bar boasts quite a high profile within the UK, but outside of the country, the all-vegan bar and cafe is relatively little-known. Their menu is freshly cooked in-store, which is always wonderful, and they're willing to cater to people of all dietary requirements. The Mono Bar offers beer, wine and soft drink, many of which are organic; as well as ethically prepared, locally designed and roasted coffee. They also brew their own ginger beer and lemonade!

Their menu looks spectacularly delicious. It includes soups, sandwiches, fish 'n' chips, salads and burgers - everything you'd expect from a reputable vegan restaurant. There's also a choice of three delicious desserts - Oreo cheesecake, anyone?

Doomie's Home Cookin', Los Angeles

Doomie's Home Cookin' is especially tailored for lovers of hot, greasy and fattening American-style fast food - without all the meat! They are known for creating indiscernible replicas of popular fast food favourites - perhaps most notably, the McDonald's Big Mac. They make all of their own food from scratch, and reviewers note them as one of the best vegan fast food retailers in the world.

They also offer chilli cheese fries, onion rings, 'facon', steak, schnitzel - anything your fast-food loving heart desires. An enviable range of delicious desserts will also greet you on your visit - from coconut macaroons to chocolate canapes, you can't go wrong with Doomie's Home Cookin'.

Doomie's Home Cookin', Los Angeles

C-A-L-F Cafe, North Yorkshire

I follow C-A-L-F Sanctuary on Facebook and I'm always amazed and inspired by the owner's dedication to her work. In times of struggle, she always puts the animals first and never seems to make a single selfish decision. The Sanctuary is funded entirely through donations and through the accompanying vegan cafe, located in North Yorkshire, England.

C-A-L-F is the only fully vegan cafe in Scarborough. A dedicated and compassionate group of volunteers prepares all the food fresh in-store, and all funds go towards the rehabilitation and care of the sanctuary's animal residents. Their menu includes burgers, frittatas, soups, salads, pies and cakes.

Painted Elephant, Newcastle upon Tyne

Painted Elephant is a newly-opened, fully-vegan restaurant located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Their menu is described as "Modern Bohemian", boasting fries, pad thai, burgers, cake, flatbread, hummus (who doesn't love hummus?) and much more. They offer gluten-free options and are willing to cater to people of various dietary requirements.

Painted Elephant also offer delicious vegan catering for private events such as weddings, birthdays or small parties. The restaurant is open five days a week from Thursdays to Saturdays and is independently run. Be sure to check them out if you're nearby.

Painted Elephant, Newcastle upon Tyne

Franchia, New York City

Franchia is a lesser-known vegan restaurant in a city (awesomely) plastered with them. Their menu is described as 'Asian-fusion' and is 100% plant-based and vegan-friendly. They provide catering for baby showers, weddings, birthdays - almost any private event you can think of, and the reviews of their service are glowingly positive.

Their menu is very large and varied, offering pancakes, zen rolls, steamed wontons, stuffed mushrooms, various dumplings, salads, noodles, soups, porridge, rice dishes, various mock meats - the list goes on. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Loving Cafe, Fort Wayne

Located in Indiana, America, Loving Cafe is a fully vegan restaurant offering a delicious and comprehensive menu, including options for children and raw vegans. They aim to provide an earth-friendly, compassionate experience for every customer while promoting a harmonious and cruelty-free lifestyle.

Their menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches, rice dishes, various starters, delectable desserts, smoothies and noodles. Their raw options include french fries, tacos, sushi and cheese cake, while their children's menu offers garlic bread, grilled cheesy-bread, tortillas, nuggets and BBQ wings.

Govinda's, Australia

Govinda's is a Hare Krishna restaurant existing in several locations throughout Australia - including Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne. They offer delicious, fresh and nutritious meals at outstandingly affordable prices - at my nearest Govinda's, all-you-can-eat is available for a mere $10. The restaurant is specifically vegetarian, although many vegan options are also available.

Always located beside a Hare Krishna temple, Govinda's is unique in its offer of a tranquil and karma-free eating experience, as all preparations are offered to Lord Krishna before being served. Their meals include curries, cakes, lasagna, samosas, pakoras and much more.

Govinda's Restaurant
If you have any further suggestions, please let me know in the comments so I can include them in a future post, and once again - make sure to check out all of these awesome vegan restaurants and support them. They deserve all the recognition they can get for making the world a better place for the animals. Thanks for reading!