23 Dec 2015

Would you eat lab-grown meat?

Lab-grown or in-vitro meat is, according to Wikipedia, an animal-flesh product that has never come from a living animal.

Here is some further information on the topic, from Wikipedia:
"In vitro meat, also called cultured meat, is an animal-flesh product that has never been part of a living animal. In the 21st century, several research projects have worked on in vitro meat in the laboratory.[1] The first in vitro beef burger, created by a Dutch team, was eaten at a demonstration for the press in London in August 2013.[2] There remain difficulties to be overcome before in vitro meat becomes commercially available.[3] Cultured meat is prohibitively expensive, but it is expected that the cost could be reduced to compete with that of conventionally obtained meat as technology improves.[4][5] In vitro meat is also a cultural issue. Some argue that it is less objectionable than traditionally obtained meat because it doesn't involve killing and reduces the risk of animal cruelty, while others disagree with eating meat that has not developed naturally.[6]"
Given this information, and knowing that animals will not be used to produce in-vitro meat, please answer the poll below.

I look forward to seeing the results.