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Vegans Don't Deserve Respect: Here's Why

Okay, let me start off by eating my own words. Vegans, as people, do deserve respect. Of course they do. In actuality, what I mean is - vegans deserve the basic level of respect that we, as compassionate people, should offer to every single inhabitant of this planet. Vegans do not deserve respect, however, on the sole basis that they are vegan. If you switch to veganism, you do not automatically warrant greater respect. Veganism isn't about that. It isn't about us, it's about the animals. Click for more.

One Vegan Can Change The World: Tips For Making A Difference

Veganism is a beautiful thing. I know it, and you - being a reader of this blog - probably know it too. There are, however, many folks out in the world who don't realise quite how beautiful it is yet. Maybe a few of your friends and family members fit into this category. Never fear - I'm here to guide you in your journey towards a beautiful vegan world, one blog post at a time. Click for more.

Why Do So Many Vegans & Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat?

If you're a vegan or vegetarian that uses Facebook, chances are you've noticed the latest 'anti-vegan' article currently doing the rounds. This article, from the Huffington Post, claims that vegetarian (and vegan) diets are just phases. Here's the opening line from the article:

"Proving your meat-pushing relatives right, most Americans who eat an all-plant diet really are just going through a phase." Click for more.

Should Vegans Keep Pets?

I've debated with non-vegans many times in recent years, and one of the stand-out comments to me is: If you're vegan and you have pets, you're a hypocrite. This argument is particularly popular in debates about the ethicality of zoos and similar institutions in which wild animals are kept captive (i.e. Seaworld).  Click for more.